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Additional Reviews

“Excellent Experience!”

“My experience at Hear Virginia was JUST RIGHT!!! Thank you for being kind, patient, and professional.”

Dottie L.

“Five Stars!”

“ Great Service! Always available.”

Mildred P.

“Saved my life!”

“ Hear VA is wonderful. All staff could not be better or kinder. They have saved my life by helping me hear well again.”

Melinda S.

“Great and caring staff!”

“I was hesitant to have my hearing checked but once I visited Hear Virginia and met the staff, I found relief in my hearing. Great and caring staff!”

Clay M.

“I am much more functional at work!”

“I am beyond pleased with my new hearing instruments. They have been a life altering experience. It almost brought me to tears the first time I linked via Bluetooth to my laptop to hear music – the clarity and fidelity of Mozart’s piano concerto in BOTH Ears was amazing – I had forgotten how much I had been missing. I am much more functional at work and can now actively participate in business meetings instead of faking it by nodding and pretending to hear what was said. Apparently everyone was not mumbling and talking low.”

Pete K.

“Warm human touch!”

“Extremely professional with a warm human touch. Highly recommended to everyone.”

Cecelia G.

“Lori is an expert!”

“When seeking help with my hearing loss, I wanted to see an audiologist rather than a hearing aid salesman/person. My hearing loss has been present since I was a child and has worsened over the years making my participation in life settings very difficult. Lori is an expert and her knowledge makes her so valuable to people like me!”

Mary Ellen R.

“I can’t believe how much better I hear!”

“When I decided to get hearing aids, I was afraid that I would feel old and frumpy-nothing could be further from how great I now feel. I can’t believe how much better I hear my husband, my family, and my life! They are so tiny that even my husband has difficulty seeing them! Dr. Lori and Hear Virginia are so helpful and definitely guided me to find the best hearing solution for me!”

Joan N.

“Wonderful improvement in my hearing!”

“Like many people, I was a bit uneasy before my first appointment for my hearing exam. I didn’t know what to expect. Office manager Gail Duncan was so friendly and welcoming – even before I came to the appointment and now each time I return, I feel like I am coming home. Dr. Lori helped me to find my best options for me, and I trust her completely. The staff of Hear Virginia give me the bonuses of peace of mind as well as wonderful improvement in my hearing and in my life.”

Jim B.

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“Hear Virginia changed my life!”

“The audiologists at Hear Virginia changed my life for me and my husband. They are totally accessible, wonderful sources of information and have always given me their full attention without pressuring me at any time. Without my new Smart aids, I feel like I have cotton in my ears.”

Dr. Pat O.

“The best service available!”

“Because a loss of hearing is so upsetting, it is comforting to find the Hear Virginia people who really care about me. They can be trusted to give the best service available and they always put each individual’s needs first…”

Phil M.

“Five Stars!”

“Wonderful, wonderful people and experience. Thanks so much!”

Anne D.

“Hear Virginia are serious about the treatment!”

“The people at Hear Virginia are serious about the treatment they provide. The audiologists there are so honest that they will tell a new client that if they do not need a hearing aid…”

Ellen T.