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Hyperacusis is one of the conditions arising out of the way your brain is able to perceive any noises entering into the central auditory processing center. Often times you will encounter pain and discomfort as a result of this condition. Individuals who have this condition will have extreme difficulty when it comes to being able to tolerate any sounds that are louder than others. It could be the sound of running water, taking a ride in the car, the sound of walking on leaves, refrigerator fans, dishwashers and even the shuffling of papers. Although all of the sounds will be construed as being too loud, some of the higher frequencies will become extremely bothersome.

As you might have expected, individuals with this condition will not have as high a quality of life as others. For those who have an extreme tolerance to any sounds, it can be somewhat difficult and almost impossible to be able to function in a normal living environment filled with an influx of noises. It can lead to an individual becoming isolated socially, depression and an extreme fear of any normal sounds in their environment.

Diagnosing the Condition

Anyone who believes they are dealing with this condition needs to seek the advice and evaluation of a professional. Initially, the consultation will include a full audiology examination, full medical history and a medical examination by the physician. Counseling to help evaluate the findings and discuss options for treatment may also be conducted during this period of time.

Treating Hyperacusis

Unfortunately, there are no specified forms of treatment or surgery to help overcome this condition. However, some people have found benefit through sound therapy as a way to help retrain the brain to assist processing the normal sounds in everyday life. This treatment is done through a noise-generating device that is typically worn on the ear. Anyone who is suffering from the condition may not be able to stand the sound being placed in their ears, even though the sound is hardly recognizable. It may take up to a year for the therapy process to be completed. Since social situations are normally a difficult situation for someone with hyperacusis, they will become isolated and withdrawn, sometimes even into a state of depression.

Loss of Hearing

Hearing tests will be able to indicate whether or not the person is at risk of hearing sensitivity when it comes to the various sound decibels. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, an individual with hyperacusis is not able to hear better than someone who does not have this condition. Instead, it is more of a problem with the way the person’s brain is able to process various types of sound. Essentially, the person is going to end up with a narrower range of hearing in order for it to be comfortable.

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