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Everyone enjoys going to the movies and seeing their friends for a fun time. With the latest films and graphics, they can be one of the best experiences. However, for people who are hearing impaired, the movies must usually wait until they are released with closed captioning. Now, there is a new generation of closed captioning glasses that are being developed to make the movies more accessible for people with hearing loss.

Trying For Comfort

The Access Glasses, as they are called by Sony, are made to be comfortable for all people, no matter the size or shape of their head. They can also be worn with other prescription glasses under them. The two detectors which make the entire captioning process possible are mounted on either side of the rims. The overall contraption is light enough that it can be worn for hours at a time without being uncomfortable.

How Do The Glasses Work?

The Access Glasses have a variety of ways to help people with hearing impairment. In the theater they can be adjusted for different levels of brightness and angles that can occur when you are sitting in the theater. For optimal results, it is recommended that you sit towards the middle of the theater.

After the configuration is complete, the sensors will begin to pick up the information for the captions from the projector room. As a result, the words will appear to pop up in front of the user, at a range of about ten feet. This will allow for people to see the captions and have a great time at the movies, no matter how hearing impaired they may be.

Finding A Pair

Right now, the Regal Cinemas are testing the glasses to see how effective they are at bringing in new customers. Once the summer trial is ended, the company will see how effective they were, and then decide on the new distribution format. Many people are hoping that the glasses are popular enough so that they catch on and are seen in even more cinemas across the nation.

The People Behind The Design

The Access Glasses were developed as a joint project with Sony Entertainment and Regal Cinemas. Randy Smith, an individual who works as an administrative officer at Regal, has sought to find a glasses solution like this for many years because his own son is hearing impaired, and he wants him to be able to enjoy the movies. With the Access Glasses, this has never been closer to happening.

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