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Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. With plenty of warm weather and wide varieties of ways to spend time outside, it offers a great chance to spend time with family and friends. Yet, there is a risk that is poses by common summer sounds that cause hearing loss in people. In this article we will examine the sources of these sounds as well as ways to preserve your hearing.


One of the greatest parts about summer music venues is that they can be held inside and outside. With many of the greatest bands on tour during the summer months, people will flock to arenas and amphitheaters to see their favorite bands. However, the speakers in these venues can produce such loud music that it can cause forms of temporary deafness is some and chronic hearing impairments in others.


Every person who has ever beheld fireworks has been awestruck by the loud noise and bursts of color in the summer night sky. While most people never venture too close to the staging area for these explosives, they are able to produce an ear-shattering 150 decibels of sound. This is more than enough to inflict pain and permanent hearing loss on anyone that is close to the explosion.

Lawn Care

In neighborhoods all around the nation people are firing up their lawn mowers, weed whackers, and edgers to ensure that their lawns look their best. While they are not usually loud enough to cause acute damage loss, it can cause long term damage due to the amount of time that people are exposed to the noise on average. Ear plugs are a great solution to end this form of hearing loss, but many people do not use them.


Another one of the great summer pastimes that are available is sporting events. From baseball to soccer, there are many great reasons to consider going to a game or match during the season. While these two sports do not pose a threat to your hearing, motor sports certainly do. The roaring engines and the lengthy trips around the track cause a great deal of hearing damage.

Protecting Your Hearing

Fortunately, there are two ways to protect your hearing that are inexpensive and simple. The first is to wear ear plugs whenever you engage in activities that are going to be lengthy and loud. They can be bought at just about any venue and are inexpensive. Another way to protect your hearing is to spend less time in loud areas. This means showing up to a concert to only hear a few sets or even setting up camp far away from fireworks.

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