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One of the things that people do that can result in hearing loss without even leaving their home is cleaning their ears. While it can be helpful to drain the earwax out of your ears, the only way to have it done properly is by visiting an audiologist. In this article we will look at three different ways that you can go about cleaning your ears the wrong way and why an audiologist gives the best results.

Ear Candle

One of the worst ways to go about cleaning ear wax from the ear canal is to engage in candling. This requires the individual to light a hollow candle and then place it in their ear in hopes that it will melt enough wax to form a vacuum in the ear. After that happens, you are supposed to be able to remove the earwax at once. However, this is not the case, and most people simply waste their money or burn their neck holding the candle.

Ear Drops

One of the best ways to go about clearing your ear canal is to use ear drops. They are very easy to use. All you need to do is to drip them into your ear and then wait until it is time to drain you ear. While this can remove some debris and ear wax, for most people it quickly becomes a complication because they want to remove more wax. They will take implements and try to clean their ear, which pushes the wax against the ear drum.

Cotton Swab Usage

Another one of the worst ways to go about cleaning out ear wax is by using a cotton swab. People will begin to swirl the cotton in their ear and then pull it out when they have gathered enough debris. While this can remove large chunks of earwax, it is also a simple way to perforate your eardrum as well as impact ear wax farther into your ear. You should never stick anything into your ear canal.

Professional Help

An audiologist will be able to provide all of the services that you need to help you recover your hearing. They can diagnose the causes of your excessive ear wax issue and then use modern tools and technology to clear out the impactions. They can get images of your ear that show whether the morphology has contributed to the development of these complications and then offer several different solutions. Either way, they will continue to bring you in for further cleanings as well as to check up on your progress.

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