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Most people enjoy going to their jobs and seeking the different forms of advancement that they can find in the ranks of their chosen company. It rarely crosses their mind that the workplace could be a source of potential harm for them. Unfortunately, there are many people around the world that are consistently exposes to noisy work environments that could cause hearing loss. This article will look at the different workplaces that cause hearing loss and how you can protect yourself if you work in these industries.


One of the most valued jobs in our modern society is farming. Not only does it take a fair amount of knowledge and management skills, but it requires frequent hard work. While there have been many machines invented to help people better manage their work, they come with a high price. Every time that you use a machine to plow and harvest crops, you can damage your hearing. The machines are not terribly loud, but the long hours in their presence can cause superficial hearing loss.


Aside from being one of the deadliest jobs in the world, mining is also very destructive for your hearing health. This is due to the fact that the miners use a variety of heavy tools and equipment, such as explosives, to clear new paths and get the materials they need from the ground. While some sound-dampening hearing protectors can help in some cases, hearing impairment is common in this field of work.


Building a home can be very noisy work. From the constant slamming of a hammer to the pneumatic blast and hiss of the nail guns, there are many acute sounds that can cause a decrease in the ability to hear. Many people have started to use hearing protection on their job sites, and some unions mandate it, but there are far too many people that expose themselves to hearing loss each day in this profession.


Another one of the most dangerous jobs that you can have for your hearing is manufacturing. The different machines in full operation and the overlapping sounds of voices can cause moderate levels of hearing loss in people who work in factories. While people are using hearing protection, some people need to have the ability to understand the orders that are going on around them.

Shooting Range Operator

Operating a shooting range can be a very fulfilling job for some people. They have the ability to instruct others about the intricacies of safety and accuracy. Yet, too many people fail to wear hearing protection when they are firing a gun. While a pistol can cause physical pain by being shot, a rifle can cause long term hearing loss. Most people recommend using a complete pair of sound-dampening headphones.

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